Words Left For Conversation
a year ago
(i) wrote this short story . It was the one before i started book two . The first having been condemned in mind by heart from
the content within. Never edited Just wrote between the spans of sleep and reality...grammar and all with a few misplaced
words to withhold the torment of leaving thought trapped between space. To End in an imperfections state of
Left while i wrote. So the need to bypass humanity manifested within
To hate every biological organism for containing the essence i could not comprehend and twist mind to hate only ones
existence who found pleasure in idea and place...words fell upon parchment
when the reality faded...
From classical means such as existentialism or Idealism.
But how to relate in distant time while i enjoyed mechanical nature as if brought to society to allow for leisure
Existentialism existed but only to me in Dostoevsky, Sartre, and once removed Ivan Turgenev.
My parchment was a screen...my own personal Tenure on Nod
And so
The Venture Capitalist in Pair Bondings fell chronologically on the Information Purge .
The market adjusted
and he found himself in Tatter over soup and a reflection of leaf wounds and stick beard
played a waiter to mock the reel of expression some avoid in everyday life who, although contrary to my egotistical belief,
walk the earth for purpose beyond my comprehension, a human desire for stepping up the social wagon which is displayed in
present as charity ball hosted by Trek Sharper...After mustache waiter whisks bowl on tray to take leave to...smiles at past:
In card board box under the Bridge of Mortar.
It was raining, the roof leaked, a shout, red, a splash. Water
Trek pulled investment Banker Tim Sprose from shadowed death. Money, wallet, watch, a car, sold to the nearest pawn and
hood. Two events of success and Trek Sharper walks park in Tie and Suit
A sandwich on rye...
Present: Tie and Suits elude fresh interns carousing the cattle grounds of evening's charity masquerade leaving smile on face
when words, 'Will enjoy writing off the five grand for plate and fork,' are spoke. Forty Five Thousand the pair had gave to Wine
Cooperate Hierarchy in the months of winter. When life seemed gray. It's here time blurs. And Trek Sharper stands before
gowns and grace clicking slide and tongue around sense of mind and money. Lights dim. Images fade. Yacht, helicopter,
Island Resort home to native slaves deemed worthy to clean silver and skim pools in return for "civilized" forms of life.
Employed by Trek Sharper Not-For-Profit organization SCIC (Social Courses in Civility) a sub-coop of Guidance for the Globe
set nesseled in the Cayman Islands where the mafia and government launder fortunes...Banks secure an annual one
percent interest fee and a ten percent penalty if seventy percent or more of the initial deposit is removed in a year cycle
before the Ten Year contract ceases to hold the two bound parties. Trek's Guidance for the Globe secured a zero point five
holding fee negotiated for the ten through twenty-year policy
Sounds absurd but you must consider his list of old and new money gathered between spans of interns serving as main
course through out night sky where stories of forgotten ancestral Occupations mount stakes of 'Whose lineage last worked
and how much money could be tossed in the name of civilized styles'
the Ideal where sixty percent of
all tax exempt funds provided for health insurance of "primitives" who contracted the flue last tourist season when Klace Taylor
spit in the face of civil servant for coffee brought cold
Fever, the sixty percent pays for their health insurance.
The other forty percent....tax free...laid down as gift money on the Sun and Beach Resort built under the
'To be civilized one must accumulate items.
Sodemy never entered mind on on-set for a feasible slide for closure but just shy of the final note. Now what I'd call a
String of grapes above only to drown in wine below
A worlds tax free sigh.
Luxury in elicits
Trek walks stage, curtain, gun...
But you must understand this is all implied. Once curtain lays the pop of cork is the only implication to an otherwise
oblivious event that lay back drop to layers of scattered thought bricked to compose an innocent eye over wine and dropped
mirror at watch, red carpet, ...taxi 'a ride'
car to lobby
in room
twist clean pain
an exhale 'I
"And then"
And then i lost all words