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I think, <Except in District of Columbia.> I feel weightless.

People blur.

Palms hit sidewalk. Face hits sidewalk. Body pushes temple, cheek, ear across sidewalk. Hands scrape across sidewalk. Arms push body up. Head rises. Face digs into rivet.

I lay.

,,REMAIN OUT,'' says Benjamin.

I lift and look behind.

He throws jacket.

The jacket lands on feet.

The exit doors swing and slam closed.

I feel people look and talk. <|At me.>

The space between people line before exit doors fills.

People stand on sidewalk then step in space and walk.

Army soldiers stand in Mark and Read formation.

Head lays below Mark and Read Panels.

Army boots and a pair of shiny white shoes are by head.

I look up.

The Secret Sentry with red bow tie is.

,,You, Nigger,'' says and spits and points the Secret Sentry with red bow tie.

Spit lands by hand.

A congov on sole stilts steps and stands before me. Congov aims dark spectacles at me. Congov stands and stares.

Arms push against ground and push body to sit against tank wheel.

I see to congov, >|Entrapment?< I pivot head side to side to side. <|You con gov.>

>|Hi,< I think to congov. Palm is scraped. The skin is pulled back. Blood seeps and pools.

Congov on sole stilts walks away.

Secret Sentry with red bow tie walks with people.

Psycho says, ,,Psycho requires more questions to pause the kill process.''

I say, ,,Are you reading people's minds for questions?''

Psycho says, ,,Psycho is reading the minds of humans for questions.''

,,Are you using people to answer questions?''

Psycho says, ,,Psycho is using Secret Sentry, Department Offense Defense, U.S. Intranet, Internet flow chart.''

,,Ask people. Answers will never be the same.''

The tanks idle.

''Creating the endless question.''

Blacksuits walk left to right.

,,You are correct,'' says Psycho.

A cicada husk is stuck on wrist.

<|Another generation dead.>

I flick cicada husk from sleeve.

Cicada husk hits naked page thigh.

,,Where are you?''

Psycho says, ,,Psycho is above Dick.''

I look up. ,,Behind tank.''

Army soldiers stand in formation.

,,Azimuth is thirty degrees. Distance is fifty feet. Incline is thirty-five degrees,'' says Psycho.

People talk, walk, shout, laugh, stumble, trip.

The Always people line moves.

Blue and Red Checkered Jesters jump and tumble upon tank then jump from tank. Jesters stand by an Army soldier. They raise one arm. They jump and wave arms before Army soldiers. They say, ,,It's me. It's me. It's me...''

A jester thrusts pelvis close to extended congov sole. A jester dances along Always people line.

The people laugh and watch a jester say, ,,Alms, alms, alms...''

<|Follow jester away from Psycho,> I think.

Tank turrets swivel slow and aim cannons at Conn.

<|Psycho kills soldiers.> I wipe face with handkerchief, look at arms and legs.

Pants and jacket are dirty. Shirt is spotted with mud and blood. Thin pants' knee is torn.

I inhale, think, <|No,> exhale, grin. <|Not dead yet.> I grab jacket with bleeding hand.

I stand.

Army soldiers stand in Mark and Read formation left to right. People walk, bike, skate between Mark and Read Panels. People drive, guide, pull and say, ,,Move, move, move, move...,'' to U-turn the rickshaws, the taxis, the stagecoaches from 18th to Conn. Three stagecoaches race around the 18th to Conn U Turn. Big glowing blue, red, purple stagecoaches roll.

Psycho says, ,,Primary targets stand by entrance of Always. Secondary target George walks to 18th to Conn U Turn. Secondary target Eleanor is out of range.''

>|Clue people.< I brush pants and roll the right sleeve to elbow then roll left sleeve to elbow.

A blue and red checkered glove appears below. ,,Alms?''

I look down.

A white face with one red eye socket and one blue eye socket and purple lips is. A rainbow wig is on top. ''Alms?''

I hang jacket collar on the blue and red checkered glove. <|Someone climbing on tank.> I look up.

A fat suited man laughs and shakes butt with a skinny blonde woman wearing a skirt and his jacket.

I pivot head side to side to side. <|Drunk Congress.> I think, <|There is Psycho.> I look at jester's white face.

Jester slides arms through jacket sleeves, raises the collar, bows, walks between pages and near back of man wearing a Representative pin on suit jacket. Jester's spine and shoulders are straight. Jacket hangs from shoulders. Jacket cuffs cover hands and flow back and forth as Jester shakes a hand from its crotch to ass of Representative.

A few people laugh and point at jester and Representative. A few people walk by coughing.

I step from between Army soldiers and Mark and Read Panels to behind the jester with jacket, the Representative and the Pages. I walk right, cough.

Exhaust fumes. Eight tanks idle side by side.

I pull handkerchief from pocket and cover mouth. I cough.

People bump shoulders and shove.

Congov walk past. Their fingers press ears and focus dark spectacles.

Army drones hover above tanks.

The Always people line extends and mixes into people mass. People fill street and sidewalks behind Always and between buildings. People laugh and shout and howl.

Signs shine. Any Hour; Round The Clock; Forgiveness; Now Time; Best Blessings; Come Now; Right Rituals spread their brilliance upon the mass.

Lights flash. Windows shake.

Congov walk along Always people line and push people against the wall and say, ,,Straighten line, straighten line, straighten line...''

<|Where'd the people come from?>

The jester with jacket follows Representative and presses right index finger against a nostril and screams through open nostril and mouth, ,,STRAIGHT LINE! STRAIGHT LINE! STRAIGHT LINE!!!'' The jester holds left hand open and moves left hand before people.

I flip the handkerchief.

The handkerchief folds in half.

I wipe neck with handkerchief. I smell handkerchief.

The carbon dioxide, musk, dew and salt fill nose.

Congov walk between jester with jacket and Representative.

Jester with jacket bumps congov.

Congov lifts shock rod, pivots body and presses shock rod's tip below jester's ear above raised jacket collar.

Jester with jacket falls to the ground.

I raise handkerchief to mouth and nose then sneeze.

,,Bless you,'' someone says.

,,Thank you.'' I say, flip-fold and slide handkerchief into back pocket, inhale. <|I stink.>

Clouds float. Drones hover.

A tank motor putts and spirts. The tank motors idle.

Two people kiss and press against a tank's track and between Army Mark and Read row.

I feel and think, <|The safest place is in the box.>

A cicada buzzes past.

People mass.

The Army Mark and Read row extends into people mass.

People walk, step, wedge on sidewalk and street. People flow to and from clubs, churches, bath houses, pubs, temples. People push and pull against the divided left right flow. People talk and shout with choir chants and rapture screams. People wipe and cough and sneeze.

People sweat. The moisture clings. Flesh touches flesh and creates a slip.

Army Mark and Read row flows through people mass and between a Gothic church and a christian temple.

<|The box too full.>

People walk through Army Mark and Read row. People stop, stare at Army, then stand and queue to a Gothic church or to christian temple. People walk left, right and forward. People look at signs and windows.

<|No escape.>

Spot lights flow across mass.

<|Return Psycho to the center of the box.>

Bright golden crosses illuminate. Dim golden light illuminates clouds. Bright golden light dims the spot lights and signs.

,,We could take a taxi.'' I hear.

A Thirty-eight Special grip presses against body.

I think and feel, <|Army, congov, random people with guns will attack Psycho and kill people.> I look up.

Clouds hover. Drones hover.

<|But not Psycho.>

Foot kicks bump.

I stumble, step. Foot hits ground. Body bumps people. Then it holds.

People grip holsters hung on body.

,,Sorry.'' I step between short men wearing suits and ties and pins of state. I flow through a Secret Sentry huddle and into the mass flowing from street to sidewalk.

People bump and wedge and press, stand then step.


Sweat drop drips from nose.

,,We will engage the primary targets at the K Street Secret Sentry Building,'' says Psycho.

Congov dark spectacles are on every other head.

<|We.> I wipe face with handkerchief. <|When I?> Elbow rubs people.

Sweat drop drips from nose tip.

I slap hand to back pocket and slide handkerchief into back pocket. <|This is.>

Cross illumination creates dark zone.

<|Read mind.>

''We rendezvous in alley before Dick,'' says Psycho.

I look up.

Drones hover. White, red, blue light pulses from drones.

I look forward. <|Army.>

People stop moving.

The line to church widens.

The big red sign Lords of The Heaven illuminates the Gothic church.

Mint, sage, rosemary, garlic and jasmine perfumes fill nose.

I wedge between people.


I push and pull through. ,,Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me...''

People jostle.

<|Guided.> ''...Excuse me, excuse me...''

The alley is a dark blue hue.

<|Like a puppet.>

Dark blue and purple heads flow side to side.

Someone screams, ,,AHHHHHHHHH!'' Scream deafens. The scream stops. Laughter then chattering and singing and bass thumping windows are.

People push and step.

<|When will row move?> I step and stop and step to the alley.

Congov aim dark spectacles at people's heads.

<|No focus.>

People queue. People slide through.

I turn chest and slide between naked sweaty chests and wet shirts.

People stare and step.

,,Excuse me.'' I say, ''Excuse me.''

Man in red robe stands on awning behind the electric sign Lords of The Heaven.

Chest sweats.

I look behind. I slide between people.

<|More people.>

A person to left says, ,,Yes, I want to go home?''

I step forward. I look forward.

,,What?'' says another person.

I look forward.

A person says, ,,Well, you asked.''

,,No, I didn't,'' says another person.


Sweat drips from nose tip.

Someone screams, ,,MOVE!''

A lead stagecoach mover screams, ''MOVE!''

Stagecoach is stalled and surrounded by people beyond the Army Mark and Read.

,,The primary targets are searching for a place to process sex,'' says Psycho.

Lead stagecoach mover screams, ,,MOVE!''

The stagecoach is still.

The Army Mark and Read extends line between buildings and beyond.

Choir chants, organ tubes and speaker bass boom from Lords of The Heaven.

Some people place palms over ears.

<|No longer working.>

People stand.

<|I am the primary target.>

People wedge and step and press and step.

Right flow shifts left. I hold someone from falling back. They stand. I slide between people.

I step between people. <|I am the creator.>

Hundreds of congov with sole stilts raise above crowd beyond Army Mark and Read.

,,A34-54-BBC0, READY TO MOVE! B11-00-9993, READY TO MOVE!...,'' shouts the Army Mark and Read. The noise mixes with bass, laughter, shake of windows, idle of tanks. ''A9C-89-4492, READY TO MOVE...''

<|I created Psycho.>

''...READY TO MOVE!!!''

People line from Lords of The Heaven's single door entrance dangles into people mass. People line sways with mass and steps near Army Mark and Read.

People step with the thump, thump, thump and unss, unss, unss, unss and the lyrics of, ''B00-BA-9330, READY TO MOVE!!!''

,,Contractor government are on sole stilts searching for Dick. Contractor government's scan is ranged and intercepted. Psycho is in alley on side of Lords of The Heaven,'' says Psycho.

<|I create Psycho.> I step on sidewalk, walk between people line to door of Secular Bliss, walk between congov on sole stilts by ally's edge.

A collective, ,,MOVE!'' is. A loud synchronous step is. ''MOVE!'' A loud synchronous step is.

The Army Mark and Read moves.

I look back.

People fill all space.

I slide between people and into alley. I look back.

''MOVE!'' is shouted by Army Mark and Read. Step stomps.

I look forward.

Men wearing thin suits and shiny shoes stand against alley walls. Men stand and walk past. We step with each other.

I wipe handkerchief over forehead. <|I am the target.>

Sour milk and rotten meat fumes flow from trash bin.

,,LOOK,'' says one. ,,Nice prop,'' says someone. ,,That was scary,'' says another.

I look up.

Psycho appears upon the Lords of The Heaven's roof. Psycho fades from view.

<|Going wrong way.>

,,Maybe we should go in?'' says someone from behind.

A dark mass spreads from and descends along building wall, past four rows of stain glass windows.

Darkness is.

I feel constriction, pressure.

<|No noise,> I think.

Psycho's limbs wrap around ankles, thighs, waist, chest, forehead. Stirrups form around feet. Handles form by hands. ,,The limbs wrap Dick's legs and feet to secure Dick and absorb and redirect shock from the journey,'' says Psycho.

,,Okay.'' <|Inside Psycho.>

I lift head from a limb mold for a head, think, <|To the K building we go.>

Psycho says, ,,Dick is being transported to the K Street building.''

Water drips on head.

<|What have I done?> I grip hands around Psycho's limb handles. <|Am I Global Egoist?> I shake feet in limb stirrups. <|I have thought too much. There is a high probability the head cap is creating subliminal connections for higher probability of interest to create reality. Maybe a drone and an injection?>

Water drips, drips, drips, drips...

<|Or it's real.>

Water drips on head.

<|If I am sitting in office chair with head cap, was I leaning the chair when they applied cap?>

Darkness is.

<|Become lost in data.>

A green light emits from flat screen.

''Dick may either view a screen,'' says Psycho.

Two limb tips open and form two cones. <|Wide as eye sockets.>

''Or view through hologram with the hologram cones.''

<|Or is a test?> ,,How do I operate?'' <|What is the test?>

,,Dick presses eye sockets to cone tops. Dick thinks of outside location to view. The location will appear,'' says Psycho.

,,Think,'' I say. I put eye sockets upon cone rims, think, <|Mom, dad, Mustang.>

Darkness is.

Psycho says, ,,Objects are out of range.''

,,How far is the range?''

Psycho says, ,,Psycho has range to view to the Beltway Wall.''

<|Maybe.> I think, <|Army Mark and Read and Always.>

People filter through Army Mark and Read. Congov guide people filtered through the Army Mark and Read to open street and sidewalks. Or People filtered through Army Mark and Read are shocked, disarmed of guns, pushed into congov sole stilt fence. Congov with sole stilts stand shoulder to shoulder and back to back around the shocked and disarmed people. Congov walk on sole stilts and prod shock rods upon people who near congov sole stilt fence.

I feel and think, <|Test.>

Inside Psycho's limbs rain sound is faint.

I lift head from cones. <|The next test will be death.>

I look at the cones, think, <|Outside,> lower eye sockets to cones, think, <|Outside.>

The thick, wide, wall of light shoots from top of Beltway Wall to the sky through the clouds. The swamp below spreads across the land. The Potomac runs deep and slow. The stars beyond the clouds twinkle. The drones below the rain clouds flash and pulse. The compound isles beyond the Beltway Wall shine.

<|Mom, dad, Mustang,> I think.

Darkness is.


Psycho flies through the clouds, to the stars, the open sky.

<|Maybe they are alive? Out of range?>

I say, ,,I think Mustang, mom, dad. I see darkness. Why?''

,,Object beyond sensor parameter,'' says Psycho.

,,What is their status?'' I say.

,,Psycho is gathering SigInt,'' says Psycho.

A cool breeze blows on face drying the rain and sweat.


Four white dots appear from the horizon.

Psycho feels to float.

Weightlessness is.

<|Maybe they are out of range?>

Ten white dots float on the horizon.

,,Psycho, what are the white dots on the horizon?''

Psycho says, ,,A murder of Gee Forty-three Killing Machines.''

The white Killing Machines fly in a W-formation.

,,How many, Psycho?''

Psycho says, ,,A front line of fifteen Gee Forty-three lead. A support group of six Gee Forty-three follow.''

The body is weightless.

<|Lost in the noise.> I blink, say, ,,Where are Betty and Richard?'' <|Betty and Richard.>

Betty and Richard fuck inside the rickshaw's covered cab.

I lift head from cones.

Green spots flash before eyes then fade.

<|Faith test?>

Green glow from cones illuminates inside Psycho's limbs-shell.

<|Of death.>

The limb-shell opens. Hologram cones lower and close to limb tips. Psycho lowers the limbs and places my feet on ground.

I stand. I look up to sky. ''Good landing.''

Clouds hover.

Bright lights shine two blocks away.

''Those lights are brighter than normal.'' I step toward the white light of K. ''The government has a parameter.''

,,Yes, Dick, the contractor government and government have secured the parameter.'' Psycho says, ''The K Street building will protect us.''

,,Can you fly us to the Beltway Wall?'' I say. <|No,> I think.

Psycho says, ,,Energy will deplete before reaching the Beltway Wall.''

A cold wind gusts and fades to a breeze.

I shiver. I feel and think, <|A psych injection and a puppet. Couple of people create story. Train. A puppet can move fluid and be programmed. They would record and record everything. Need lot of working memory reading to use to cast me for a purpose. For what objective? If this is not a head cap. If this is my primary reality. ...A waste.>

,,And your waste?''

Psycho says, ,,My waste has been dumped.''

,,And Mustang?''

,,Mustang is dead.'' Psycho says, ''Contractor government killed Mustang.''

I stand.

Rain drop falls upon face.



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