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I feel and think, <From D.C.,> and ray burn burns, and the revolving door spins.

>...MOVE AWAY!!!< sees the warning rod to mind.

<Focus,> I think and pull Richard's shoulder.

>...MOVE AWAY!!!< sees the warning rod to mind.

I push back against the revolving door.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!< sees warning in mind.

The revolving door stops revolving.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

I push the revolving door back, and the revolving door moves back, and Richard looks at me.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

Richard pushes the revolving door forward, and Psycho pushes the revolving door forward.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

Richard and I create eye contact, and Betty pushes the revolving door forward and looks back.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

The revolving door revolves forward.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

The revolving door opens to lobby.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

A red light flashes in the lobby.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

Psycho whips two limbs and taps both Betty and Richard on the forehead.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

Psycho flows into lobby.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

Three Secret Sentry yawn and stretch behind three podiums and afore circular tunnel, and Psycho's limbs wrap around a red button.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

Richard steps and falls forward, and Betty falls forward, and three Psycho limbs knock Secret Sentry one, two and three upon forehead.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

Richard hits head on revolving door frame, and Betty slides with revolving door.

>|...MOVE AWAY!!!<

Betty falls flat on floor, and I think, <Betty,> and Richard slides to a sit, and Secret Sentry one, two and three fall to ground.

>...MOVE AWAY!!!<

Psycho poses all three Secret Sentry standing behind three podiums.


The revolving door is open.


I step over Richard and Betty. I push revolving door. <Bad.>

Richard falls to floor.

Two Psycho limbs span to Betty and Richard. Psycho pulls Betty and Richard from revolving door.

Richard and Betty dangle from limbs. <|Like on hangers.>

Revolving door clicks closed, and a transparent sheet rises from floor to ceiling along the window wall.

<|Forward.> I feel and think, <|Corner.> ,,Put Richard and Betty in corner, Psycho.'' I point left to corner. I look at Psycho. ''Please.''

Psycho lays Richard and Betty in corner.

The three unconscious Secret Sentry heads turn to follow. One says with mouth moving and a deep voice, ,,Welcome to Secret Sentry Building. How may I help you?''

I point to corner and Betty and Richard. <|Good puppeteer.> I step. ,,Did you learn from another puppet master?'' I look out window wall.

Gee Forty-three land on street.

,,I learn with questions.'' Psycho's limbs guide unconscious Secret Sentry to the far corner near Betty and Richard.

,,Gee Forty-three landing.'' I stand.

I look at podiums before tunnel. <|Into building.>

Sweat drips.

I point to three podiums. ''Psycho, please move armor podiums at an angle, from floor to wall, over the congov and Richard, Betty?'' I think, <|Congov, too.>

Gee Forty-three float to window wall.

Psycho lifts and moves armor podiums and leans armor podiums at angle on floor and against wall over congov.

I feel and think, <|Why Psycho move?> ''What is the red button?'' I say. I look at tunnel.

Dark tunnel is beyond Psycho.

,,The red button is a trigger to lower a blast sheet to seal the tunnel. The blast shield seals in the cyanide, and it creates another wall. The blast shield must be closed to open the steel door to shaft,'' says Psycho. ''I have programmed the cells surrounding the red button to use energy store and pulse and push the red button once my Gee Forty-three body is sacrificed.''

I look through dark tunnel. ,,Sacrifice?''

I look at motionless Gee Forty-three.

Psycho says, ,,I will cover the tunnel entrance until my body is destroyed. After my body is destroyed my core will eject.''

,,I don't remember discussing your core.'' I wipe sweat from forehead with forearm.

Psycho says, ,,A synthetic diamond core contains memory and mind of Psycho.''

<|A core.> ,,How long will.'' I look at the bodies in corner. ''How long will you and this, this portal hold the Gee Forty-three?''

Psycho says, ,,The security sheet will be destroyed by Gee Forty-three before three minutes cycle.''

I stop by Psycho.

Limbs cover red button.

The tunnel is circular.

I stand. I look down tunnel. ,,Cyanide.''

Tunnel is dark.

Psycho says, ,,Yes.''

I turn and point. ,,How long will the window wall prevent the Gee Forty-three from entering?''

White light shines through window.

,,The window wall minimum destruction time is one minute. Twenty or more Gee Forty-three will have the force to destroy the wall by minimum destruction time,'' says Psycho.

I look down tunnel and say, ,,Psycho, could you please get me the congov's emergency pack?'' I wipe forehead with handkerchief.

Tunnel is white panels with black borders.

Psycho grabs the emergency pack from Secret Sentry. Psycho lifts the pack, and a limb swings and holds the pack afore me.

''Thanks.'' I grab the pack. I open pack side pocket. <|Contractor badge, pepper spray, panic emitter.> I open pack side pocket. <|Shock rod.> I look through window wall.

Two Gee Forty-three land before window wall.

I look in pack. <|Sex cap, bottle of water. No gas mask.> ''So what about your core? Why not.'' I fasten pack. I look at Psycho. ''Why not walk in with your body?''

Psycho stands on limbs before tunnel entrance. ,,The white door will stop Psycho's body,'' says Psycho.

I strap pack to back.

Sweat drips.

Gee Forty-three land on street.

<|Will they know about?>

Psycho's limbs slowly wave from core to tip.

Sweat drips.

,,Will the Gee Forty-three know if one of them has killed my parents?''

,,No,'' says Psycho. Psycho stands before tunnel. ''The Gee Forty-three know only to kill you and me.''

I point to Gee Forty-three landing on street. ,,Ten.''

Psycho says, ,,The Government will complete the process to disconnect the tap before eleven minutes expire.''

<|What is timing of eleven minutes?> I say, ,,Betty and Richard change the tap. How will they disconnect?''

,,The tap will be destroyed,'' says Psycho.

Diesel engine bangs.

A semi-truck pulls flat bed trailer and a tarp covered load. The load on trailer is taller than two building levels. The semi-truck rolls and stops behind the Gee Forty-three.

I stare through window. ,,What is?''

Gee Forty-three float to window.

I say, ''Are there traps and keys to prevent entry?''

,,Cyanide,'' says Psycho.

I step to tunnel. <|Primitive.> ,,Can you disarm cyanide?''

,,No,'' says Psycho.

Tunnel section illuminates, <|Around me,> soft white light.

The tunnel illuminates. The tunnel is sectioned cylinders.

,,What if they need to destroy the building?''

Psycho says, ,,Gee Forty-three are now programed to kill only you and me.''

<|There are always traps.> I step on the second cylinder.

White light illuminates.

<|Cyanide.> I think, <|One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, fourteen.> I step on cylinder three. I look behind. <|What is?> I look through window wall.

Gee Forty-three rows spread their limbs and find position along the window wall.

Army Four Column marches on street. Army wear black silence suits. They carry barriers, caution fence and directional signs.

I look at the tunnel of light. ,,What will be?''

The tunnel sides are concave doors.

Psycho says, ,,The Gee Forty-three will enter. They will tear down my wall body. The body will be destroyed. It will release my core. The red button will be pressed. The steel blast shield will slide open.''

<|Then cyanide.> I step forward. ,,And what will you do?''

Psycho says, ,,I will direct the blast of core to roll and open the steel blast shield.''

Cylinder section three dims and four illuminates.

I step. Doors left and right shine. <|Glowing doors.>

I look back.

Army set cone barriers and spread yellow tape from cone to cone and mount directional signs upon cones. Army pull tarp from the long, loaded, flatbed trailer.

A giant machine with long and wide legs and a huge drill lay on flatbed.

I look forward and look through tunnel. <|Fourteen cylinder section of the tunnel.>

BANG! shakes. <|Like a semi-truck hit the building.>

I stop, look behind.

A giant walking drill has one foot on street. Another foot is lifted from flatbed trailer and set to ground.

The BANG! vibrates floor.

The huge six-joint legs, <|Size of building beams,> lift huge drill.

,,That's...big,'' I say.

Two more Gee Forty-three lower to street.

Psycho says, ,,The action is for show, noise and Plan B.''

The Gee Forty-three hover by window wall.

,,The government has a plan B?''

BANG! is. Ground shakes.

,,Plan B is destroy the tap,'' says Psycho.

I walk tunnel.

The cylinder sections illuminate.

Gee Forty-three row floats above Gee Forty-three row. They cover window wall.

I stand before a door with a screen and a button.

Everything is illuminated.

<|No shadows.>

There is a three foot wide and seven foot tall door.

I pound fist on the door.


There is a matrix shelf. There is a green button.

I look behind.

Gee Forty-three press limbs upon each other and the window wall. They whip and drag and slash upon window wall.

BANG! vibrates.


,,No,'' says Psycho. ''The green button will open the steel door creating a higher probability of override of open and decrease chance to succeed in holding open the steel door.''

I press the green button.

The steel door opens. A white door is behind.

I knock on white door.

Knock echo is hard and firm.


I press the green button.

The steel door closes.

The lights turn off.

,,You know.'' I look behind.

Psycho's limbs span left and right and top to bottom around the tunnel's entrance. Psycho's limbs cover, <|Like a blanket,> the tunnel entrance. Psycho says, ,,The window wall has been breached. The Gee Forty-three have entered.''

Psycho's limb blanket shakes and jolts.

BANG! is.

I step from cylinder fourteen to cylinder seven.

Psycho shakes.

Half the tunnel is illuminated.

Psycho's limb blanket waves and rolls and snaps. Metal whipping metal sounds are.

A limb slides through, <|Psycho,> limb blanket.

I step to cylinder number eight. ,,Why not now?''

A loud pop blasts and echoes.

Gee Forty-three limb penetrates, falls, hits ground and puffs, <|Like smoke.>

Limbs shoot through and create limb sized holes in Psycho Blanket.

<|Cyanide rises.>

Gee Forty-three limbs fall to ground. Limbs hit ground and puff.

A limb shoots from Psycho Blanket.

I step and duck.

Limb lands on floor and hits door. Limb puffs.

<|Psycho Blanket torn.> I stumble, walk eight, nine, ten, eleven. I fall.

Something squeezes and pulls around ankle.

<|A limb,> I think. I slap palm upon smooth floor. And I reach for ankle and look back.

Limb wraps around ankle and pulls.

The limb falls and puffs.

Hundreds of limb tips poke through Psycho Blanket.

Psycho Blanket snaps and whips.

I crawl. Hands lead. Feet follow. I run.

A BRIGHT flash of electric illumination blinds.

Psycho's body puffs.

Psycho's core shoots to floor and rolls.

Blast shield slices and slides during an instant. It cuts Gee Forty-three limbs. It shuts.

Limbs puff.

Psycho's core rolls.

I stand before steel door.

Psycho's core rolls.

<|The core.>

Gas hisses in tunnel.

The steel door slides open.

I inhale. I stand before white door.

Psycho's core rolls.

I reach for the green button.

Four Gee Forty-three limbs rise from ground and wrap ankles and wrists.

I pull.

The limbs are stuck to ground. The limbs slither over floor. The limbs pull body from the path of Psycho's core to white door.

Psycho's core rolls into the white door.

The Gee Forty-three limbs puff.

Gas hisses.

I push white door.

The white door is.



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