Man in bar walks over to lady who is chain-smoking cigarettes. Man says, "How

much for a half-n-half." Lady scans crowd, exhales, "How much do you have?" Guy

runs fingers through hair and rubs eyes and looks over shoulder (bar cluttered with

business suits and casual wear) says, "Well, I just pulled some out of the bank. It's on

tip of tongue." She exhales, winks at a guy coveting a glass of Jack, adjusts bra and

thumbs her breast under blouse, "Ten big ones." The man blinks, eyebrows V, spits,

"Ten. Oh come on, that's a little pricey for you." She blows smoke in face, "I said big

ones." Hands span pockets and wallet while he mumbles incoherent self-discrimination.

Mean while, a guy over bar and Jack whispers for bartender's ear, "Another drink

for the lady." The man sees this and sees the bartender walking over to the lady with

drink in hand. Lady ashes cigarette and says, "What's it going to be, Ten big ones and

half-n-half, or nothing." The man hides face. Lady says, "Well?" The man pulls hands

through hair. Says: "(Delineator), mischs-parche, Demarkation, Lascivious - Jaded -

Pastiche, Amorous, Inimical-Oblique-Affluent."

Kalab J. Oster