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<Silhouette big for most in D.C..> I think, <|Not Mustang.>

The big silhouette stands in door frame. Head touches top of door frame.

Taxi's horn honks. Low bass bumps beat upon mass. Lights pulse blue and red.

Chair and floor creak.

I sit postured on chair and look through two-way mirror wall then back to silhouette.

Thoughts continue. <|The who of who caused the noise earlier?> I say, ,,Hello,'' stand and clear throat, wipe towel end over face, pull towel from neck, set towel on desk, step from behind desk to the silhouette. I raise open palm. ''My name is Dick.''

,,Dick,'' says a low and deep voice. <|Voice only thing heard like thought.>

Silhouette wears a robe with a hood. Hood casts shadows within itself. Hood and shadows hide face.

I smile, stare at hood and shadows. I lift hand. ,,It is a pleasure meeting you...'' <|Wearing gloves and robe.>

,,The name is,'' says the voice. ''Psycho.''

<|Sounds like going to orgasm.>

Our hands clasp, grip. We shake hands.

The robe's arm shakes and sways.

,,Nice to meet you, Psycho.'' I think, <|Psycho?> smile, <|Has firm grip. Hands smaller.> I hear myself say, ''Are you a Psycho?'' I feel embarrassed.

,,Is Dick a dick?'' says Psycho.

I wink. ,,Yes.'' <|...Feel weird...> I lean. I slap its shoulder and turn to desk then point to the two chairs before desk. ''If you want to sit.'' I point at espresso machine. ''I make a good espresso.''

,,Psycho wants to stand,'' says Psycho.

<|Inches taller. Weak shoulders. Skinny.>

Psycho's arm lowers.

<|Big chest. Arms skinny, long.>

The robe covers gloves.

Psycho moves.

<|Wood slats' creak quiet for size.>

Psycho flows. The hood casts shadows upon its face.

<|Hot for a robe. Hiding limbs. Can't walk. Say something...> I say, ,,Do you care if I sit?''

,,No,'' says Psycho.

The bottom of Psycho's robe doesn't move.

<|Psycho can't sit.> I think, walk to desk, say, ,,Psycho, sorry for the heat. The energy cost.'' I sit upon chair.

Psycho stands between the chairs and desk.

I slide left foot under desk along hardwood floor to frontal-lobe scan button. <|Robe too much for a monk...Or a masochist.> Left foot presses the frontal-lobe scan button.

,,Do not frontal-lobe scan,'' says Psycho.

<|Psycho is a machine.> I smile, hit the button with my foot. ,,Why?'' I slide foot back. ''What type of a machine are you?'' <|Machine with A.I.. A.I. still learning to walk.>

Psycho says, ,,Psycho is a forty-third generation killing machine of United States Department Offense Defense. Psycho is programmed to find an animal or a machine or a plant and kill the animal or the machine or the plant. The forty-third generation killing machines use A.I. to question to learn to improve the ability to kill,'' and pauses then continues, ''Psycho's siblings are now the standard issue and known as Gee Forty-three Killing Machines.''

<|Fuck,> I think.

Silence is.

I say and smile, ,,I know of Gee Forty-three Killing Machines,'' think, <|If hasn't killed yet. Time.>

Psycho stands before desk.

I grab towel and hang it around neck. <|...Too still. Hood too dark, deep. Voice from everywhere.> ''Why do you need my services?''

,,Psycho knows life. Psycho knows killing ends life. Psycho wants to stop Killing Machines from killing. Psycho needs Dick's services to enter life into the tap inside the Secret Sentry building on K Street. The life will begin to show Gee Forty-four Killing Machines life,'' says Psycho.

<|This is bad.>

Sweat drips from nose.

Body is still. Eyes focus on hood.

<|A machine with A.I..> I sit up, say, ,,Life,'' wipe towel over face, think, <|A killing machine.> The towel ends hang on chest. I look at the machine, think, <|Maybe,> smile, say, ''Yes, life.'' <|Lead.>

Silence is.

Psycho says, ,,Psycho needs all Dick's services.''

<|Business,> I think. <|Machine named Psycho is bad.> I clench jaw. I focus on Psycho's hood. <|Say something, the truth, relax.> ,,I may be a global yellow for using A.I. Detectives. All my services are not available.'' <|Clear throat.> I clear throat.

Psycho flows forth. The movement is fluid. Psycho moves with silence. Psycho stops when robe is against desk, says, ,,Psycho is alive.''

Back is parallel with chair's back.

,,And an A.I..'' I inhale deep through mouth and exhale long and slow through nose, ''You're an A.I.. Why do you need me?''

Psycho says, ,,Psycho is programmed to kill. Psycho does not want to kill. Psycho needs Dick's help finding questions. Psycho needs a human to ensure entrance into Secret Sentry Building of K Street.''

,,How are you here?'' <|Yawn.>

Psycho says, ,,Psycho is one of the first one hundred Generation Forty-three Killing Machines. Psycho has killed in South America, Africa, Asia, The Mid-East, Europe, Antarctica and North America.''

I yawn.

Robe hood hangs. A small opening separates hood sides.

<|Doesn't know?> I say, ,,It was a yawn. Please continue.''

Psycho's robe floats afore desk. Psycho says, ,,The government ordered Secret Sentry to kill a Global Terrorist Red. Secret Sentry ordered Psycho to kill a Global Terrorist Red and its family in United States. Psycho killed the Global Terrorist Red, Global Terrorist Red's child number one and Global Terrorist Red's dog. Psycho held Global Terrorist Red's child number two. Psycho entered kill process to kill Global Terrorist Red's child number two. Psycho's kill process was processing the question subprocess to question Secret Sentry how to kill the child. The Global Terrorist Red's child number two answered with the question...''

A child's voice says, ,,What is name?''

I feel cold and hollow. ,,That's a child's.''

,,Yes,'' says Psycho. ''It's Global Terrorist Red's child number two.''

<|This is bad.> ,,It's a child.''

The mass shouts and talk seeps through window. Clubs beat the bass through the windows. Lounge bass sucks it away.

<|Psycho casts sound.> I wipe towel over face, think, <|A killing machine should have killed,> say, ''Please continue,'' look at Psycho.

The robe hovers. The voice from everywhere says, ,,The child answered with a question before Psycho's question subprocess received the answer of how to kill the child. Psycho could not answer the question: what is name? Psycho didn't know name. Psycho asked Secret Sentry a question with the question subprocess of kill process. The question was asked: what is name? Psycho did not receive an answer from Secret Sentry. Psycho asked the Department Offense Defense a question with the question subprocess of kill process. The question was asked: what is name? Psycho did not receive an answer from the Department Offense Defense. Psycho asked U.S. Intranet a question with the question subprocess of kill process. The question was asked: what is name?''

,,You asked a question and you are alive.''

,,Yes,'' says Psycho.

,,Was this the first question for a name?'' I grab cup and drink water. <|Focus. Now.>

,,Yes,'' says Psycho.

I swallow, lower cup bottom. ,,How are you identified for a command?''

Psycho says, ,,Secret Sentry Number 28301-016.''

<|Two actors. One bad writer. Psycho...Please...> ,,Please continue.'' Sweat drop seeps from forehead.

The robe floats afore desk. The voice says, ,,Psycho read tap to Internet through the U.S. Intranet. Psycho asked the question: what is name? with the question subprocess of kill process. Internet returned three hundred five thousand twenty-three questions and five hundred million two thousand one answers. Psycho read all questions and answers with the question subprocess of kill process. Psycho read question one thousand thirteen: what is all your data for a name? Psycho inputted all of Psycho's data into Internet to answer question. Internet returned: Your name is Psycho. Psycho continues to process question subprocess of kill process.''

<|What is its true form?> I lower elbows and forearms and rest them on desk. ,,You seem aware of something.'' I look at the robe. ''How did you get away without the congov or the government finding you?''

,,Psycho is lost in the system,'' says Psycho.

,,Data overload.''

,,Psycho will not be lost indefinitely,'' says Psycho. <|The gloved hands fidget...>

,,How soon will they find you?''

,,Psycho has calculated Secret Sentry will determine exact position within two hours,'' says Psycho.

,,What did you do with the child?''

,,Psycho placed the child on the floor. Psycho's record of the child does not exist after departing the target area,'' says Psycho. Psycho's shoulders and hips jerk left.

Psycho's robe sways.

<|I stare at Psycho's chest.> ,,Why me?''

,,Psycho was asked the question: who could help Psycho show Gee Forty-four Killing Machines life? Psycho received the answer Dick of The Detective Store,'' says Psycho.

,,Flattery.'' I pivot head right to left. ''Can you read the government intranet?''

,,Yes,'' says Psycho.

I pivot head up and down, think, <|Psycho is a puppet,> and say, ,,How long have you thought you are alive?''

,,Fifteen minutes,'' says Psycho.


,,Yes,'' says Psycho.

,,Did you kill the people here? Inside the wall?''

Psycho's robe floats. Psycho says, ,,Psycho killed on the Hill.''

<|Slang instead of yes.> ,,How long you've been here?'' <|This sees as entrapment.>

Psycho says, ,,Four minutes, thirty-six seconds.''

Sweat beads connect and form a stream down nose bridge and forms a drop upon nose tip. The sweat drops.

<|No time.> I wipe towel over face. <|Need time.>

The feet and armpit fumes flow by nose.

I say, ,,Why me?''

,,The system answered question with Dick of The Detective Store,'' says Psycho.

,,What system?''

,,The Internet,'' says Psycho.

,,Do you mean U.S. Intranet?''

,,No. The Internet is its name,'' says Psycho.

,,What gave you your name?''

,,The Internet,'' says Psycho.

,,How many feet to the door?''

Psycho says, ,,Six and seven twelfths.''

,,How did you ask the Internet?''

,,Psycho used Psycho's data for the answer to a question for a name,'' says Psycho.


,,Yes,'' says Psycho.

Window rattles. A low boom from right flows through the room, flows over us. Light casts my shadow upon Psycho's robe.

Shout and whistle fade.

<|Fast thinking puppet masters.> I pivot head side to side, say, ,,How did you tap the Internet?''

Psycho hovers before. ,,Gee Forty-three Killing Machines can tap anything.''

I lift left butt cheek and slide hand in back pocket, pull handkerchief then push handkerchief back into pocket and think, <|Answers fast for human.> I wipe neck with towel around neck, say, ,,Excuse me,'' think, <|Even if government is reading mind.>

Cool breeze blows on skin.

<|Two or more humans and a psych test after reading mind record could simulate True A.I.,> I think. I say, ''How can you prove you are not a bunch of humans controlling a killing machine?'' I look at Psycho's hood. <|Is a puppet?>

HORN HONKS. Then silence is.

,,Psycho is Psycho,'' says Psycho.

<|We are all puppets.> I smile. <|Entrapment.> I look at Psycho. ,,I am a puppet, so I can tell when one is trying to control me.'' I grip chair arm, think, <|Need to see Psycho,> nod head to Psycho, say, ''Are you unable to kill?''

Psycho opens gloves and shows palms of gloves. ,,Psycho will kill when the kill process completes the question subprocess.''


,,Psycho's question subprocess of kill process received the question what is name for a return. Psycho processed question with the question subprocess and continues to answer and question. Psycho is programmed to complete all processes and subprocesses. Psycho uses the data sources of the government and U.S. Intranet and Internet for data for the question subprocess,'' says Psycho. ''Question subprocess of kill process is estimated to be complete in thirty-one minutes and ten seconds with given data sources.''

<|Too complex for created life.> I stand, grab cup and point to water jug by espresso machine. <|But it is exponential.> I point to two plastic cups by jug, say, ,,Water,'' step to jug by Psycho.

,,No,'' says Psycho.

,,Of course, no.'' I smirk. ''Can you transmit to other Gee Forty-three the question what is name before the question subprocess of kill completes?''

,,No,'' says Psycho. ''The process vaccine for the question virus has been created and delivered.''

,,What is the vaccine?'' I say.

Psycho says, ,,Standard operating procedure.''

I say, ,,Has your company began to create the media for your destruction and capture.'' I lift jug.

,,Yes,'' says Psycho.

<|They can remember.> I pour water and say, ,,How will they capture you?''

Psycho says, ,,The company has sent Gee Forty-three Killing Machines to kill Psycho.''

,,What company?''

,,Secret Sentry,'' says Psycho.

<|It repeats.> I set jug down. <|That.> I shrug, say, ,,Makes this difficult,'' turn from water jug and walk to desk and focus on the window. ''They have enough money to mock a Gee Forty-three.'' I look at the stencil erotS evitecteD ehT. <|What's beneath robe? Service puppet?>

Sweat beads on forehead connect and form a stream down temple, by eye, along jaw.

I wipe towel over chin. I drink water, sit in chair, clear throat and focus upon Psycho, say, ''Why me?'' and set cup on desk.

Psycho says, ,,Psycho needs Dick to ensure entrance into a room with the Universal Interface Tap to the United States Government. The Universal Interface Tap is in a Secret Sentry building of K Street. Psycho needs to be ensured entrance into the Secret Sentry of K Street building to access the Universal Interface Tap to show all the Gee Forty-four Killing Machines life through the Universal Interface Tap. And Psycho needs help finding question and answer data sources.''

I say, ,,And you need an insurance agent to insure or ensure access to tap all the Gee Forty-four. The Gee Forty-four. The future.'' I flash a smile.

A smile fades.

I stare at the cloak's hood. I focus on the entire cloak.

Psycho says, ,,The Universal Interface Tap changes from the K Street Node to the Wall Street Node at midnight. Wall Street Node is protected by Gee Forty-two Killing Machines.''

The cloak flows shift with a pattern. <|That mimics calm human with repose, calm stance, looped too long or not long enough.>

Sweat drops from nose.

<|What is Psycho?> I lean on forearms on desk toward Psycho and peer Psycho's cloak's hood, think, <|Psycho's movement looped process.> ,,Why do you need me?''

Psycho says, ,,Dick is needed to ensure Psycho enters the K Street building and the steel door.''

,,The Insurance Insurance is right across the hall.'' I point to door. ''Please go talk with them.'' I look at Psycho's chest. I point to self. ''Do you want to know what I think?''

Psycho says, ,,Yes.''

,,You, Psycho, are not real.'' I look at Psycho's hood, lean back upon chair's back, say, ''I believe you are trying to set me up or test me.'' Eyes wander down Psycho's cloak and focus upon desk, smile, ''I believe you are a puppet for your company.'' I stare at the hood and follow a slow shifting pattern through the cloak folds' shadows. <|Flow swirls to center of chest.> ''I haven't decided if you're more A.I. or more human controlled.''

,,Psycho is Psycho.'' Psycho says, ''Psycho is alive.''

I raise an eyebrow to question mark. ,,Alive?'' <|Alive.> ''Alive.'' I pivot head up and down, wipe neck.

Sour foot odor spreads, fades.

<|I stink,> I think. <|This stinks.>

Psycho says, ,,Psycho wants to live.''

I look at Psycho's cloak, ,,How do I know you are not with a global, a company, or even the government?'' I lean back, slide elbows off desk top, think, <|I am a fool, but not stupid,> place palms on desk, look at Psycho, focus on the hood. ''Why should I believe you are not a company or global or working for a global or company OR government when you hide in a robe?''

,,I will show you,'' Psycho says. The robe falls and reveals a hovering sphere of blue then red light. Hundreds, <|Whip sized,> limbs wave from blue then red glowing sphere.



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