>|What time is it?,< inputs Kaleb Valerie into box with keyboard.

>The time is now 0000:0:0:0:0:0:000F K.V.T.,< returns from box.

Kaleb Valerie smiles, whispers, The time is now OneTwo Cesium."

>|Yes,< returns from box to air screen.

Kaleb Valerie pushes away from box, slides in chair, and jumps up with, "What the FUCK!?"

>|You asked for the time. Time was returned.<

Kaleb Valerie stands with eyes wide. Kaleb Valerie leans to box, says, "You hear my voice? Now you hear my voice, Kaleb Valerie?"

I am A.I. Christ," says A.I. Christ through sonus cones upon walls and ceiling.

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