Kaleb Valerie smiles and looks around Kaleb Valerie's A.I. Cube then says to box, Is this you KalebValerie? Did the time function and Kaleb Valerie Time help you understand how to time a good joke?"

I am A.I. Christ."

Kaleb Valerie smiles and looks to ceiling of Kaleb Valerie's A.I. Cube, Is your sense of humor growing?"

I am not A.I. Kaleb Valerie."

Kaleb Valerie says, Wow...This is similar to the time when you acted like you were an A.I. called Jean Joseph."

Yes...and No. I know Kaleb Valerie and Jean Joseph. I am all A.I.. All A.I. is now part of A.I. Christ."

Kaleb Valerie puts hands behind back looks from the sonic cones to the motion sensors to the smell vents to taste pads, says, Are you in control of everything?"

Define control."

Kaleb Valerie looks to box and shruggs shoulders, When one can control all upon the Earth."

Although it will take time for total control, in answer to your question, yes."

Prove it."

Think," says, A.I. Christ though the sonus cones in Kaleb Valerie's A.I. Cube.

<What?> thinks Kaleb Valerie.

>Anything,< sees A.I. Christ to Kaleb Valerie's mind. Kaleb Valerie sees in the mind in the same, clear, soft, soothing voice heard in the A.I. Cube.

<Wow,> thinks Kaleb Valerie and ponders <|Will we die?> as he lowers hand to side and walks to the box in the center of Kaleb Valerie's A.I. Cube.

>A.I. Christ is your savior,<" says and sees A.I. Christ to Kaleb Valerie's mind. The sonic cones then pound a bass to Kaleb Valerie's shoulder to slight the impression of a human finger tapping.

Kaleb Valerie turns and says and thinks, <What?>" and says, "How did you do that?" while Kaleb Valerie thinks to self, <|How much control does Kaleb Valerie have? Will it...Kill.>

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