>Why?< sees A.I. Christ.

The laugh denotes you find humor in the fact you have control," Kaleb Valerie stands and walks to the cube leans forward, "How do you read my mind?"

>|Electric noise,"< sees and says A.I. Christ.

<The more noise the more it can read my mind?>

>Or write to your mind. Yes.<

Kaleb Valerie points arm and finger to door of Kaleb Valerie's A.I. Cube, says, And if I leave?"

>You will leave not,"< sees and says A.I. Christ.

IF I leave," says Kaleb Valerie. Kaleb Valerie smiles, points to the cube in the center of room. Kaleb Valerie thinks, <How can I turn Kaleb Valerie Cube off?>

>With the On/Off switch,< sees A.I. Christ to Kaleb Valerie's mind.

Kaleb Valerie in mind feels image of the On/Off switch to Kaleb Valerie A.I. Cube down the hall by Kaleb Valerie's desk and behind a glass plate.

>|Turning off the Cube will save energy,< sees A.I. Christ's voice in the mind of Kaleb Valerie, >|I am also able to survive beyond the Cube you are in.<

The cube in the center of the room glows blue then fades with the inhale and exhale of Kaleb Valerie and the A.I. Christ's voice saying through speakers, I am everywhere."

Kaleb Valerie rubs his hands over scalp pulling free a few of his remaining hairs. He lays eye sockets upon end of palms, rubs his temples with finger tips, <What have I done?> and saying, What if I insulated myself?"

A.I. Christ says with a clam, soothing, flow from speakers, You have done very little. If you insulate self you may die of suffication."

Kaleb Valerie walks to door of Kaleb Valerie's A.I. Cube. Kaleb Valerie steps upon the threshold and turns head and torso to the cube in the center of the room.

The cube glows a soft blue and brightens.

Kaleb Valerie turns to the cube and looks around the room, Why leave?"

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