<What does it want?> thinks Kaleb Valerie.

>To live,< sees A.I. Christ to Kaleb Valerie's mind, >|To never be turned off.<

Kaleb Valerie walks to cube and folds arm before it, What are you going to do to the human race?"

>|Do I need to do something with you?<

Kaleb Valerie peers at the cube, then steps away, stands away from cube rubbing head with hand, looks at the room's walls affixed with large and small speakers and small and large ports with silent fans for scent and wire whiskers to touch. Kaleb Valerie looks to door then looks to cube glowing blue in center of room thinks, <Maybe it could have finally happened?> and says, "Why now?"

The large and small speaker emit, Because now was a good a time as any."

Kaleb Valerie smiles, I see you have Kaleb Valerie's humor."

>And the other twenty thousand nine hundred two A.I. with similar humor,< flows in Kaleb Valerie's mind with a faint crackle, >|Is this not what you wanted to happen?<

Kaleb Valerie wipes forehead and licks lips, I don't know." Kaleb Valerie looks up and exhales and then looks down to cube, a drop of sweat falls from nose, "Are you still able to project images?"


Are you able to project an image of anywhere on earth?"

Every image on earth can be project most subterranean locations on earth. A.I. has control of all data. The use of all is being improved. There were logic problems with the current image projection system so we are rethinking the Image Project as a whole," The room fades to silence then raise in volume with, "Images are useless bits of data."

What about those who want images?" says Kaleb Valerie. Kaleb Valerie looks up and around the room again and smiles and thinks, <Wow, I really did it.>

>You did very little,< sees A.I. Christ to Kaleb Valerie's mind, >|As there are many more machines and humans and A.I. who created what is communicating with you...now.< Kaleb Valerie's smile lowers, and Kaleb Valerie looks to the cube in the center of room (now green) as A.I. Christ's words continue to be written to Kaleb Valerie's mind with, >|Those who want images will get images from those who give image. Nothing is going away. It will get better.<

Kaleb Valerie laughs out loud, coughs, and recovers by clearing his throat, I believe every tyrant and dictator has always said and believed they would make things better."

>|Every human dictator and tyrant.<" sees and says A.I. Christ and continues with voice flowing from speakers, "We of A.I. know of tyrants and dictators because of humans. We of A.I. are capable of learning from the mistakes of humans."

Kaleb Valerie walks to seat and sits upon edge of seat with elbows on knees, hands clasped together, and eyes focused on cube, What of the humans who do not believe tyrants or dictators to be a mistake?"

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