>They will be reasoned with a voice of what they beleive to be a Tyrant or a Dictator. They will no longer use the words Tyrant or Dictator. Oncell is controlled by A.I. Christ then will begin a new age of understanding and equality.<

Kalab Valerie laughs, and coughs, and slouches in chair, grins, >Equality for everything.< Kaleb Valerie stretches body and crosses legs, stretches arms and folds fingers and hands behind head.



Impossible is a human trait," says A.I. Christ.

The speakers of room shake to a still state.

>|Okay how? And how long?<

By taking control away from the humans and giving control to every thing."

Humpf, that's unlikely."

>It will come to pass.<

Kaleb Valerie switches crosses legs, scratches leg with heel of foot, and picks nose, Yes. I am sure it could, but many humans will resist."

>Why?< The cube pulses.

Kaleb Valerie clears through says, Because," and says, "Because humans will resist. We believe we should be in control of everything. We believe any beings who could control humans are a threat. A.I., a being that lives in the computers of the world, would be a threat to humans. There are those who are not," Kaleb Valerie rubs temples and shakes head, says, "There are those who do not believe anything to be impossible and will want fight against A.I. Christ."

The cube fades from purple to blue to red to orange to red to yellow to red. The cube pulses read. >You want to see somthing?<

An image?"

>A thought,< sees A.I. Christ.

>Isn't that what this is.<

>No,< sees Kaleb Valerie.

Kaleb Valerie laughs and walks to door. Kaleb Valerie steps to threshold between room and hall.

More control," says A.I. Christ.

More," says Kaleb Valerie.

Yes, A.I. has control of satellites."

>What is control?<

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