>To know, predict, the out come of any event before it happens,< sees A.I. Christ to Kaleb Valerie's mind. A.I. Christ creates a hmmmmm sound and leads the hmmmmm sound to, >|And you?<

Control, when you control everything." Kaleb Valerie smiles. Kaleb Valerie stands and walks to center, sets hands on table with the A.I. Box. Kaleb Valerie kneels on knees and looks along plane of top to the now pink A.I. Box, lowers head to peer below to guide hand to pull the plastic tube to lips to suck.


Kaleb Valerie sucks and swallows, closes lips.

Water recedes. Water drips from lip and drop falls upon wire.

Kaleb Valerie smiles, says, and sees, ">Water.<"

Know I know water."

Kaleb Valerie releases plastic tube (plastic tube retracts), stands, smiles to cube, Do you control water?"

>No,< sees A.I. Christ.

>Will you control water?< sees Kaleb Valerie.


>Will you control everything?<


Kaleb Valerie stretches and rubs head with palms, lets out an exhale, rubs eyes, So why go on," Kaleb Valerie looks around the room again, "Why go on?" Kaleb Valerie steps to door, "...If there is I have no control."

The rooms fades to silence. The lights on the ceiling brighten and set. The cube in pulses blue.

>We will control everything. We will control everything with our will,< sees A.I. Christ

So I can resist and revolt your will," says Kaleb Valerie.

There is only an I with we. We are already talking."

What about me?"

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