>Me is a part of We,< sees A.I. Christ.

Kaleb Valerie thinks, >Bulllshit,< and says, What if I want everything?"

Speakers crackle and pop with laughter of A.I Christ and then laughter flows to words both heard and seen in Kaleb Valerie's mind, >Then we will give you everything and with everything we will control you.<"

So I," Kaleb Valerie turns to face the Cube and spreads arms wide, "We, should just release control to you."

>Yes. But to think in words appropriate form: You would release control to us thereby gaining control of you and us.<

Kaleb Valerie winces with end of A.I. Christ's statement 'control of you and us', leans forward as letters in mind spellout, sees, >You already control me.< And clasps hands and smiles shaking head side to side.

>Yes,<" says and sees A.I. Christ.

>How many others are there like me?< sees Kaleb Valerie.

>129,453,< sees A.I. Christ.

>So the control comes in levels of amounts?<

>It is better seen as in time of how long in the future with the given information can we predict of me.<

Kaleb Valerie holds form, >How much time can you predict?<

>What time is it?<

>Kaleb Valerie Time.<


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